The Best Bread Bakeries Offering Takeout Near Houston

bread loaves in an oven | Fresh bread in Houston

There is nothing quite like freshly baked bread. Making bread is a labor of love and takes a lot of time and effort. That is where local bread bakeries come to the rescue. Be sure to give these bakeries near our apartments in Houston the next time you have a craving for fresh bread. 

Three Brothers Bakery 

The history of Three Brothers Bakery dates back nearly 200 years ago in Europe. It comes with an amazing story of survival and perseverance. Well known for its traditional Jewish bread, Three Brothers Bakery also makes, cookies, pies, cupcakes, and custom cakes. You are sure to especially love the challah, Pullman, and rye freshly baked loaves. Don’t forget to grab a homemade bagel to enjoy on the way home when you come to pick up your bread.

French Gourmet Bakery

The French Gourmet Bakery has been a family-owned and operated business for over 40 years. The tradition of baking bread, however, spans five generations in this family, going back to the Loire Valley in France in the 1860s. You are sure to get a taste of the Old Country when you come in for a loaf of bread, a tray of croissants, or even a single indulgent éclair. 

Kraftsmen Baking 

There was a time when Houston had a void in the market for fresh, artisan bread. Thankfully, Kraftsmen Baking came to the rescue. All the products are made by hand using only the finest ingredients. The flour is top milled and free from bleaching agents and bromate. There are no chemical preservatives in this bread. Stop by and pick up a delicious sandwich made with homemade bread and pick up a loaf on your way out.  

A wheel of fresh cheese is sure to go perfectly with fresh bread. For more information on local attractions or to talk to one of our leasing agents, contact us.

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