Enjoy a Yummy Gluten-Free Meal in Houston

Did you know that the number of gluten-free eaters has tripled since 2009? Luckily, the Houston area has many marvelous restaurants that cater to these health-conscious dieters. Here are three outstanding restaurants that Marquette at Piney Point Apartment residents can check out to get a gluten-free meal in Houston.   

Backstreet Cafe

Backstreet Cafe is a thriving, American Bistro that serves cuisine that blends Houston’s diverse cultures. This cafe sits in a cozy, 1930s-era house in Houston’s River Oaks area. So diners can enjoy a quiet, intimate dinner in its laid-back atmosphere. The establishment also has a New Orleans-style patio where guests can enjoy an alfresco feast.

Head Chef Hugo Ortega draws his inspiration from Cajun, Creole, Latino, and Asian cuisines.  So his cafe offers a variety of sumptuous, gluten-free entrees, including red corn chicken enchiladas, braised short rib, and grilled steak eye. 

Kenny & Ziggy’s New York Delicatessen

Houston diners should stop by Kenny & Ziggy’s New York Delicatessen for hearty, gluten-free sandwiches that won’t fall apart after a few bites. Also, it is one of the nation’s top-rated delis.

Owner Ziggy Gruber provides customers with a geshmark (delicious) experience that won’t disappoint.  The restaurant painstakingly prepares sandwiches according to the customer’s specifications. Also, they make authentic Old World dishes, deli sandwiches, and giant breakfast plates.

The deli’s atmosphere is upscale casual.  Patrons may choose from their wide sandwich selection that includes corned beef, turkey pastrami, or white meat tuna salad. Sensitive diners can select popular Kenny & Ziggy’s gluten-free challah bread.


Kiran’s is an award-winning, upscale restaurant located in the heart of Houston. Top food critics have named its Head Chef Kiran Verma, the godmother of upscale Indian cuisine. Also, ZagatWine Spectator, and My Table Magazine have praised the establishment’s traditional entrees that have modern twists.  

Gluten-free diners can enjoy classic dishes like Butter Chicken, Punjabi Thali, and Daal. The eatery also serves warm, gluten-free naan including Besan Ka Chilla and Makki Ki Roti made from corn.

If you’re looking for more gluten-free meal in Houston options, also check out these restaurants that serve crawfish. These three restaurants and other fabulous cultural attractions are located near the Marquette at Piney Point Apartments. Contact us today for more information or to schedule a tour.

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