Enhance Your Skills with Fun Photography Classes in Houston

Two students talking at a photography class

Would you like to learn how to capture amazing photographs? If so, head to one of these photography classes in Houston near the Marquette at Piney Point Apartments, where you’ll enjoy fun projects while enhancing your skills:

Everyday Photo Class

Since they offer the most comprehensive photography classes, it’s no wonder that Everyday Photo Class is the city’s premier recreational school. Instructor Lana Kelley has years of experience. She welcomes both beginners and experienced shutterbugs and structures the courses to offer the highest quality education. Every month, Lana changes the photo excursion locations to give students a variety of shooting opportunities. The lessons last about 2.5 hours and build on the information learned in the last session. Covered topics include shutter speed, EV compensation, and semi-automatic modes. 

Houston Center for Photography 

A local fixture since 1981, the Houston Center for Photography strives to encourage artists and stimulate dialogue. It offers over 300 classes and workshops annually. They’re led by esteemed lecturers and photographers. The instructors provide a vibrant, supportive setting. Also, they welcome all abilities to join in the fun. 

Camera Basics is offered throughout the year. Students gain a better understanding of focal length, ISO, and white balance. They’ll also make creative decisions while shooting in manual mode. 

Glassell School of Art 

The Glassell School of Art offers classes in an array of media, including photography. Students can learn at their leisure or participate in more in-depth courses through the Certificate of Achievement program. The school opened in the late 1920s, and it has grown to become the dynamic destination that it is today.

One of the offerings includes Beginning Digital Photography 1. This class emphasizes competency with an SLR digital camera. It covers color, space, and composition, as well as storing files. 

Along with these photography schools, Marquette at Piney Point Apartments is also near world-class shopping and dining destinations. Enjoy these three Houston events happening this February! To call our community home, please contact us. We’d love to show you firsthand all we have to offer. 

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