Kickboxing Classes in Houston

woman in a kickboxing class

Are you searching for a fast-paced workout that’s as fun as it is challenging? Then consider taking kickboxing classes in Houston. A mix of karate and boxing, they’re a popular form of cardiovascular exercise. You’ll learn moves such as jabs and hammer punches, while at the same time improving your strength and flexibility. If you would like to give kickboxing a try, the best studios near Marquette at Piney Point Apartments include the following.

*We understand now is not the best time to leave your home. However, we want to continue to highlight businesses in the area as something to look forward to. At this time, you can support local establishments by purchasing gift cards to be used later.

Bam Bam Mixed Martial Arts 

At Bam Bam, the instructors stay current on the latest trends and techniques in martial arts. They welcome all skill levels, and offer an environment that makes learning exciting. The kickboxing classes provide a full-body workout. Students improve their focus and strengthen their mind-body connection, unlike every before. Classes are held Monday through Friday, and new students enjoy their first class free.

Heritage Muay Thai 

Heritage is one of the country’s most accomplished Muay Thai training centers. It welcomes both novice and seasoned athletes and is home to six team members who compete around the world. Trainer Michael Corley is one of only four Americans to fight in the Toyota Muay Thai Marathon in Thailand. He developed the school’s curriculum, and beginners learn the offensive and defensive fundamentals of kickboxing. 

Revolution Dojo 

The Revolution Dojo offers everything from Brazilian jiu-jitsu to Muay Thai kickboxing. The instructors have national and international experience and cater to beginners looking for a safe training environment. They have trained UFC champions, and ensure that students get the most of their workouts. 

Along with these kickboxing classes, our Houston apartments are also near world-class shopping and dining destinations. To call our community home, please contact us. We will arrange a showing where you can see firsthand all we have to offer.

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