Moku Bar: Houston’s Hottest New Poke Place

poke bowl like those served and Moku Bar

The traditional Hawaiian dish poke has recently made its way into the international mainstream. With fresh fish, fun sauces, and plenty of toppings, Moku Bar is a new favorite in downtown Houston, about half an hour away from the Marquette at Piney Point.  

About Moku Bar

Moku Bar is the newest vendor at the Conservatory Underground Beer Garden and Food Hall. This food hall features a variety of both local foods and beers. Moku Bar offers both traditional and innovative toppings, from ahi tuna and pickled radish to tempura shrimp and Hot Cheetos. With rustic wood and iron furniture, the food hall creates a hip, industrial vibe with something to offer everyone.  

Menu Favorites

  • The HTX is Moku Bar’s signature bowl. It has both tuna and salmon marinated in sesame oil, fresh vegetables, pickled radish, spicy mayo, and panko breadcrumbs for texture. This bowl is a perfect encapsulation of Moku Bar’s philosophy of blending traditional and new poke toppings. Order on a bed of sushi rice if you’re feeling traditional or quinoa for a bit more modern.
  • The Anti-Poke Bowl is a rejection of the traditional poke fare— raw fish—in favor of fried tempura shrimp and vegetables. We recommend trying it on a bed of mixed greens, to complement the greasiness of the tempura.
  • Honorable mention to our two favorite sides: Seaweed Salad and Ika Salad. Moku Bar’s seaweed salad comes heavily flavored with sesame, making it a perfect complement to bowl featuring Mixed Poke as the protein. Ika salad is a Japanese dish made with marinated squid and vegetables. It comes served cold and seasoned with ginger and other spices.

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