Houston Dairymaids Offers Artisan Cheese Online

Older man packs goat cheese from Houston Dairymaids

From local cheese to varieties from around the world, Houston Dairymaids can help enhance your favorite recipes.

It’s Houston’s only cheese distributor. They will cut every order to meet your specific needs and tastes. You can shop from home and arrange for pickup or delivery. Here are a few of its producers you can discover online from the comfort of your Houston apartment

Mozzarella Company 

When Paula Lambert opened the Mozzarella Company in 1982, artisan cheese was unheard of in Texas. Now, her mozzarella balls are famous across the country. The cheese is created by hand. They follow centuries-old recipes and produce about 200,000 pounds of cheese annually. Order the half-pound mozzarella ball for a perfect pizza topping. 

LaClare Family Creamy 

Wisconsin’s LaClare Family Creamery opened in 1978 after Larry and Clara decided to return to their rural roots. Their hobby farm came with goats, chickens, as well as a couple of peacocks. Then, the couple began sourcing milk from nearby farms. They produce some of the finest goat cheese around as well as have won several awards at the Wisconsin State Fair. At Houston Dairymaids, you can order the goat cheese plain or with garlic & herbs.

Cowgirl Creamery 

After college friends Sue Conley and Peggy Smith decided to open a business, Cowgirl Creamery was born. They believe that sustainable agriculture supports healthy communities. The duo partners with local dairies in Marin and Sonoma counties and enjoys offering farm-to-table products. Houston Dairymaids carries several of the creamery’s offerings. Try the Devil’s Gulch brie. A customer favorite, it’s dusted with sweet and hot red peppers. 

The shop also carries wine, honey butter, and more. If you want to learn new techniques to use up your new dairy products, try these online cooking classes. You will learn to make everything from fried chicken to wiener schnitzel. 

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