Rosie Cannonball: A Modern European Eatery

Roasted meat with tomatoes and mushrooms on a white plate, dark background in the restaurant

Food does not have to be complicated to be amazing. A lot of European cuisines are simple yet delicious, capitalizing on whole food ingredients, herbs, and flavorful sauces. And you can enjoy this simple European cuisine at Rosie Cannonball, a new Houston restaurant near the Marquette at Piney Point Apartments.

The Atmosphere at Rosie Cannonball

From the start, the dining room at Rosie Cannonball will remind you of a modern bistro. Potted cacti add a touch of greenery, and large windows let in lots of sunlight. The round booths give you a little privacy as you dine with family or friends. Also, the dishes and glasses used are simple and neutral, which makes the fresh, colorful food really pop. With friendly servers, the restaurant feels welcoming and approachable—never stuffy or overly posh.

Delicious Starters

The starters at Rosie Cannonball are healthy and fresh. The Misticanza Salad, prepared with lettuce, herbs, flowers and Rosie’s vinaigrette, is crisp and tasty. Also, the burrata, topped with charred tomatoes and herbed chili oil, is creamy with a nice hint of spice.

Amazing Pizzas and Entrees

When the time comes to order your entree, you can’t go wrong with one of the pizzas. Each one comes topped with Rosie’s own wood-roasted red sauce. The Lira Rossa Three Cheese pizza features cacciato, mozzarella, and latteria cheese for a balanced appeal.

If you’re not in the mood for pizza, then try one of the pasta dishes, like Tortellini in Brodo. This mortadella sausage and prosciutto-stuffed pasta is savory and filling. Another good choice is the steak florentina, a wood-grilled, bone-in steak served with roasted sweet potatoes, sherry vinegar, and oregano.

Rosie Cannonball is the perfect spot to visit on a date or with friends. Stop by soon for a simple and enticing meal after a full day at one of Houston’s farmers markets. Then contact us to learn more about our friendly apartment community nearby. 

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