Kickboxing Classes in Houston

woman in a kickboxing class

Are you searching for a fast-paced workout that’s as fun as it is challenging? Then consider taking kickboxing classes in Houston. A mix of karate and boxing, they’re a popular form of cardiovascular exercise. You’ll learn moves such as jabs and hammer punches, while at the same time improving your strength and flexibility. If you would like […]

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3 Inspiring Pilates Studios in Houston


Joseph Pilates developed the Pilates form of exercise in the 1920s because he wanted to change his fate after starting life as a frail child. There are so many benefits to Pilates including an increased metabolic rate and improved strength, plus it’s a great way to beat stress and clear your head. Here are three […]

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The Top 3 Yoga Centers in Houston


Meet your health and relaxation goals in one fell swoop with yoga! Yoga increases flexibility, improves muscle strength and tone, and offers a big energy boost. The Houston neighborhood around our Marquette at Piney Point Apartments is home to a wide range of yoga studios.  These three yoga centers in Houston all have a different […]

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