Where to Order Takeout Ramen In Houston

Freshly made ramen noodles with roasted pork belly, a poached egg, steamed spinach and corn

With rich broth and springy, chewy noodles, ramen is such an amazing dish. If you’re in a mood for a bowl of this classic Japanese dish, there are a few restaurants near our Houston apartments that are offering takeout ramen in Houston. Take a look:

Ramen Bar Ichi

Ramen Bar Ichi is a classic ramen restaurant just a few minutes from Marquette at Piney Point Apartments. They offer online ordering for takeout, which is exceptionally convenient. You can choose traditional options like Tonkatsu ramen or Tsuke-Men, and you can also add your own custom toppings. Try some pork chashu on top of your ramen for something extra filling and delicious. Don’t forget to order some mochi ice cream for dessert! 

Tamashi Ramen Robata

This ramen restaurant offers takeout and delivery, so you don’t have to get in the car to enjoy a good meal. As the name suggests, they serve both ramen and robata, which is a Japanese dish consisting of skewered, barbecued meats.

One favorite on the menu at Tamashi Ramen Robtata is the Curry Tsukemen ramen. The broth is made with rich coconut milk and plenty of spices for a bold and brilliant flavor. If you’re in the mood for robata, you can’t go wrong with the spicy lamb skewers. The meat is tender and flavorful every time.


Mikoto is one of Houston’s more upscale ramen and sushi bars. Although their sushi is delicious, their ramen deserves plenty of attention, too. You can order it via delivery or takeout, and there are so many options! The tom yum Ramen is an interesting melding of Japanese and Thai flavors. Guests also love the black garlic ramen and the spicy beef stew ramen. 

You don’t have to venture far from your apartment to find delicious takeout ramen in Houston and other tasty dinner options. Check out one of these restaurants this weekend, and contact us to learn more about our friendly and welcoming apartment community.

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